About IMC

IMC Ltd. adheres to all standards and guidelines set by the authorities. For the purpose of supplying the highest-quality medical product possible, the company has established a plant breeding program using advanced technologies, which allow it to rigorously control the breeding process and grow cannabis of the highest quality.

 IMC Ltd. delivers the monthly dosage directly to our customers' door at competitive prices.  For those customers who cannot smoke or choose not to smoke medical cannabis, we offer many alternative methods of consumption, such as a vaporizers and oils.

 IMC Ltd. grows a wide variety of medical cannabis strains, thereby enabling our customers to choose the most effective strains for their needs.

 We wish all our customers good health and longevity.


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News and updates

CannaTech 2017

IMC will take part at CannaTech, the Israeli Cannabis Conference that will be held on March 20, 2017

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