Medical Cannabis

IMC Medical Cannabis is a supplier of medical Cannabis in Israel approved by the Israeli ministry of health

About IMC

Established in 2010, IMC is an agricultural company licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Health to produce and supply medical cannabis. The company provides medical cannabis to patients with a valid permit by the Ministry of Health to use medical cannabis. IMC began to supply medical cannabis as early as 2008, with the aim of alleviating the pain and suffering of its patients. IMC produces high-quality strains, the best in the market today, and adheres to international standards of quality.

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IMC Medical Cannabis strains catalog

Indica 22.3% = THC


An aromatic plant which helps in relieving chronic pain, insomnia, eating disorders and anxiety.

I highly recommend IMC’s London strain. It works quickly and effectively as a pain killer. Since I’ve started to consume this strain, I’ve reduced my pain medication intake dramatically.
Asaf Aloni, Neve Munson
Sativa/Indica 26.9% = THC


An excellent strain for pain relief, migraines and chronic pain, insomnia, eating disorders, and especially potent in treating anxiety.

Roma is one of the best strains sold in Israel. It helps alleviate my pain and I sleep better every night. A very effective strain for relieving pain, elevating the mood and enhance functioning.
Asaf Aloni, Neve Munson
Sative 70/Indica 30

Pandora's Box

An excellent strain for patients suffering from pain, anxiety and depression, migraines and nausea.

Before I began consuming medical cannabis, I was a zombie for five years. I couldn’t bring myself to communicate with anyone – family, friends, anyone really. Since I’ve began consuming medical cannabis, I feel much more focused. I’m not afraid to get out of the house, I’m active. I deal with the people around me and lead a full life.
Shai Kozolowsky, Tel Aviv, consumes DQ and PB.
Sativa 40/ Indica 60

Kandy Kush

This strain has light gray buds and is excellent for pain relief and for treating insomnia.

Before medical cannabis, I had a whole different life. Since I’ve began consuming medical cannabis, I eat better and function much better, I’m relaxed and happy. Even my business took off, and my sales went up.
Doron Haimovitch, Haifa, consumes KK and London.
Sativa 50 /Indica 50

Agent Orange

A potent, uplifting, leafy strain with orange foliage, a distinct citrus aroma and a sweet-tangy flavor.

Before I started to consume medical cannabis, I wasn’t able to function. I suffered from constant pain, tingling, severe paresthesia and shakes. Medical cannabis changed my life. The CM relives the shaking, the tingling and the paresthesia. The PB and AO jump started my appetite, and thanks to the SP, I sleep well at night and my muscles are relaxed.
DB, consumes AO, PB, CM and SP.
Sativa 60/Indica 40


A light strain best consumed during the day, excellent for pain relief. The high content of cannabidiol (CBD) in this strain does wonders with oncological patients.

Thanks to the Paris strain, I have a stable, healthy appetite and I’m a calmer person. The Paris strain relaxes my muscles, lifts my mood energizes me. When I mix the Paris with the KK, I can sleep soundly at night. The muscle relaxation that comes with consuming the Paris, coupled with the high content of Indica in the KK strain, enable me to sleep without taking any sleeping pills. And in general, once I began to consume medical cannabis, I’ve gradually stopped taking all my pain medication.
SHG, consumer of Paris and KK

Permission to use medical cannabis by the Ministry of Health

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News and updates

CannaTech 2017

IMC will take part at CannaTech, the Israeli Cannabis Conference that will be held on March 20, 2017

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